Parent & Single-Parent Family Counselling

In parent counselling the topic of conversation and reflection is the parents' relationship with their child, as well as issues of adolescence, sexual orientation, provocative behaviours, delinquency, and addiction.

Often, they way the child is treated by the family reflects beliefs, values, and stereotypes of the parents' personalities. A behaviour is considered provocative, and in some cases unmanageable, when it is not consistent with what the parents expect and what they are trying to pass on. The difficulty/challenge in greek families  lies in creating a context of autonomy and free expression, so that the developing personality of the child can evolve with its own unique characteristics.

In single-parent families the above framework conflicts with additional social barriers faced by a parent raising a child on their own. Finally, clashes and disagreements very often exist between separated couples as well, which reflect the child-rearing style adopted by each parent individually.

A limited number of sessions is typically provided in that context.