Selection Criteria

Which criteria do i have to take in notice before i make my final decision?


Apart from considering the above parameters in choosing a mental health professional, it is important to notice the feeling that the first meetings with them leave. This so-called “good chemistry” has to do with the feeling that the psychologist is present, listening to and understanding the client's emotions and comprehending their issue. Additionally, during the first meeting they will provide an initial explanation of the problem and suggest a treatment plan. They will not try to persuade their client to start receiving psychotherapy. The final say is theirs and the psychologist will not attempt to pressure them.


The therapeutic relationship is everything to the good course of therapy. The therapist needs to be in a position to recognise, based on their own, well-developed personal and professional self-knowledge, if they can cooperate with and respond to the request of their client. If they cannot, they will suggest a fellow professional, explaining the reasons why they cannot undertake the job themselves. The interested individual should feel that there is a common means of communication and a sense of safety. It would be good to take a little time and consider things before making a final decision.